Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ingrid Restemayer & Daniel Buettner at Rosalux Gallery in February 2008

Rosalux Gallery is proud to feature work by Daniel Buettner & Ingrid Restemayer In the upcoming exhibition,
Objects of Affection: A tribute to all things made, bought, sold and then stolen or lost, but not thrown away including a prosthetic leg, some plastic drink monkeys, a roast beef sandwich, a bucket of cleaning supplies, a Remington microscreen electric razor, Sorry game tokens, some combat boots, a traveling toilet seat, an army of toy robots, cocktail parasols in every possible color, a hand bag, sandwich swords, a slice of grape fruit, a cup of pencils, a robotic arm, pet toys, a TV dinner, a wheelchair for your grandma's dead dog, a decoy hand grenade to practice your throwing skills, Origami shirts made from Monopoly money, Milagros, the lyrics to a song that a friend wrote but no one will ever hear, a propaganda pin featuring Chairman Mao, a couple of tiny plastic battleships whose board game was sold at a rummage sale, a little plastic pickle, glass vials of seed beads, a broken glass vial whose beads were lost decades ago, foreign coins, the Monopoly car piece, the little plastic bones from that Operation game, a real chicken foot, and that motor scooter your wife made you sell when you got married.

Opening reception with the artists: Saturday, February 2nd, 7-11 pm
Show runs: February 2nd – 28th, 2008
Rosalux Gallery, 1011 Washington Ave. South, Minneapolis, MN 55415
Regular hours: Wednesday -Thursday, noon - 8pm, Friday - Sunday, noon - 5pm
Admission is FREE

Daniel Buettner’s incredible drawing skill and his quirky knack for random association come together in his current body of work. His acrylic paintings are seriously detailed yet humorously composed. On the flip side, Ingrid Restemayer displays a mixture of found-objects with fiberart and embroidery techniques. Objects rescued from the junk drawer become key players in each small, stitched composition.

Rosalux Gallery is funded and managed by its 24 artist members. Consumers buy direct from the artist who creates the work. Rosalux is a vibrant and growing community of Twin Cities artists working together to help build not only each others' careers, but also the Twin Cities' art community.

For more information or to request high-resolution digital images please contact Rosalux Gallery PR Coordinator, Ingrid Restemayer at 612-396-3947 or
For general information or to request an exhibition schedule, visit us at or at 1011 Washington Ave. South, Minneapolis, MN.